Sheikh Heera

Introducing Sheikh Heera (The Alpha) As Our CTO

authLab is delighted to announce that Mr. Sheikh Heera has joined as Chief Technology Officer for the company. A veteran programmer specialized in system architectural design, Mr. Sheikh Heera will provide technical direction as the company advances and build infrastructure for the next generation applications.

authLab is currently busy building a number of intricate applications, aiming to shape users’ business idea to life. Mr. Heera brings the skillset that would be the key to scale those complex applications.” said Md. Shahjahan, CEO of authLab. “I am so pleased that Mr. Heera is now on board.”

Mr. Heera started programming in 1995 and is still at it. He likes to keep himself busy with the challenging works, not because of obligations, but its his love and he enjoys it to the fullest. Being in the top 0.18% overall in StackOverflow, the Gospel to the programmers, shows his passion.

He spent his career building numerous desktop based accounting software, complex web applications and working as a freelance web developer. Along the way he developed his affinity for architectural design and scaling systems.

About authLab

authLab is a global technology firm aiming to decimate the line between your business idea and it’s actualization.

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