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Support Related Skill

Let's see how good are you with support skills.

What will be your reply to the following email from one of our clients?

“Dear Concern

I have gone through your product page and found X (A product) is perfect for us (A volunteer organization). But, I’m afraid we do not have enough fund to buy X. Can we get a discount, please? Or, do you have any coupons for such organizations?

Jana Bittnerova
Co-founder of Food for Pets
4213 Dark Hallow Road
Pleasantville, NJ 08232”

You had given awesome support to a customer and you need a rating for the product you provided support for. How will you ask the customer for that?

You read the documentation for our products and you could not find any solutions to the problem you are seeking. What can be your steps? [Make a flow diagram]


A customer needs help with a product which is not ours. How would you manage him?

You are chatting with a customer about a product and the feature he wants is still on the development phase. The customer badly need the feature for his work, how will you manage that? [make a conversation | dialogue]

You: Hello, Thank you for contacting AuthLab
Customer: Hi, I am.......

Suppose you missed to resolve a support ticket from a customer with a serious problem with one of our products and the customer gave the product a bad review. How will you handle it?

A user (Kevin) is having an issue with the plugin and is furious about it. Kevin wants a full refund but he contacted you after seven days of purchase after the refund period has expired. Kevin is threatening to post negative feedback if he doesn’t get a refund. How will you deal with this user? Give your reply in the text box below.

A customer (Julia) is having some issues with her site. She is furious about it, but after some conversation you realize, it’s actually an overlapping issue. She has some other plugin on her site which is conflicting with ours but she does not want to hear it. How will you convince her? Give your reply in the text box below.

A customer (Powel) is happy about your product, but he wants custom CSS to style his form/table. You have already replied with some CSS class but he wants more specific styles for these classes. But the classes he wants is going to take a long time. How will you handle him? Give your answer in the text box below.

A user (Alex) contacted you about an issue. You already know about this issue, and it is scheduled to be fixed in the next update, two weeks from now. You tell Alex to wait for two weeks for the update. But the update got delayed and Alex asks you about it after three weeks. What would you tell Alex? Give your reply in the text box below.

Let’s assume our office starts from 8 am and ends at 7 pm; You have worked the whole day but when you are about to go home, you see 5+ support tickets are here on our system and they are urgent. How would you handle that?