Hello and welcome to AuthLab!
Thank you for showing up today in this written session of the job application. In the following section, we have created a number of easy questions for you and you are required to answer all of them. If you wish NOT to answer any of the questions you may fill the input field with N/A. Please remember, each question has different value and don’t waste time writing irrelevant things

Software developer written test

Personal Information

Please provide the following information.

1. Create a WordPress plugin to manage your profile information.

  1. Make a plugin which will have an admin page "My Profile".
  2. Display personal information e.g. Name, Email, Gender, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Address, Bio
  3. Make an interface to update all the information.

You can make a standalone VueJS app having the display and updating interface if you absolutely do not know how to create a WordPress plugin.

The WordPress plugin can be created using just PHP or PHP & VueJS.

2. How do you find the maximum value, second maximum value from an array of integers? (unsorted)

[5, 6, 4, 1, 9, 20,15, 19]


3. Write a function to determine if a number is even or odd.

4. Write a function to determine the longest word from a sentence. If there are two or more options return the first result.


You can answer either VueJS or React questions

5. Explain mounted and created lifecycle hooks.

6. How do you do two-way data-binding?

7. How do you pass data from child to parent component?


You can answer either VueJS or React questions

8. What is a Higher Order Component?

9. What is ref? Give an example.

10. Explain the difference between Function and Class Component?