Welcome to AuthLab. Here, we will be asking you a few questions to assess your skills as a content creator and digital marketer. You will get 90 minutes to complete this written test.

Personal Information

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You are assigned to promote a WordPress plugin named "Samurai Job Board" that enables business owners or HR Managers to post job announcements. The plugin also enables the admins to take in job applications through their websites, shortlist/highlight/reject job applications, and send emails to applicants.

To promote this plugin, you may have to prepare some marketing contents and engage with users or contact established reviewers and negotiate with them.

Let's see how you handle these tasks. Best of luck!

1. Keyword Analysis

You are about to write an article on how a WordPress plugin can automate the users' hiring process and make their lives easier. Let's see how strong your Keyword Analysis game is?
[Est. time: 20 minutes]

2. Writing Skill

Now that you know the keywords you are probably going to use in your article, it's time to put them to work. Let's see how good you are with your wordplay. Write a 500-word article on the topic mentioned above.
[Est. Time: 40 minutes]

3. Negotiation

Done with the article? Let's write an email to an esteemed blog publisher and try to persuade them to publish your article. Your aim is to steal 1 or 2 backlinks from this high Domain Authority website. Keep in mind, this admin usually charges $400/backlink, but you want him to publish it for free of cost or at least lower the cost per backlink as much as possible. As a part of your job will be negotiating with people, we will like to have an idea of your negotiation skills as well!
[Est. Time: 20 minutes]